Pre-baked anode for electrolytic aluminum production line

Pre-baked anode is a kind of aluminum carbon, belongs to the supporting industry of aluminum industry, one of the main raw materials of electrolytic aluminum, according to relevant data statistics, electrolytic aluminum enterprises to produce 1 ton of electrolytic aluminum needs about 0.49~0.53 tons of pre-baked anode, is the current aluminum electrolytic process irreplaceable consumption material, is also an important consumable of aluminum smelting process. Pre-baked anode has good electrical conductivity and high temperature corrosion resistance, known as the "heart" of the electrolytic cell, so the anode quality directly affects the current efficiency of the electrolytic cell, anode consumption and primary aluminum quality.

Pre-baked anode is actually a comprehensive resource utilization product. The specific production process takes petroleum coke, a by-product of petrochemical industry, as the aggregate, and coal pitch, a by-product of coal chemical industry, as the binder. After mixing and forming, it forms a certain shape of green product. After heat treatment, the binder is carbonized to obtain high mechanical strength and oxidation resistance, so as to produce anode products with low resistivity.