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Can waste prices in the recycling market rise?



Recently,influenced by the emotional side of the lithium battery market and the fluctuation of lithium carbonate futures prices,the lithium battery waste market has also been affected,and the market price has fluctuated with the emotional side of lithium carbonate.

But in fact,dating back to last week,the battery recycling market in some regions has been more active than before.Upstream traders with goods in their hands have high inventory pressure,and the downward space for lithium carbonate has significantly narrowed compared to before.At this time,their mentality has slightly adjusted,believing that the price drop space for waste batteries has narrowed compared to before,and they are more determined to suspend shipments.At this time,high-cost waste transactions are losing money,so wait for the recycling market to recover and demand to recover,Trade only when there is a chance of a rebound in prices.

Faced with the uncertainty of future lithium carbonate prices,it is necessary to consider the production cycle,accounting for raw material costs,and the acceptance of downstream wet smelting enterprises for waste materials such as battery cells and electrode sheets.We will not be overly optimistic about the price of lithium carbonate.When the waste price is much higher than expected,the purchasing intention decreases,and there is no consensus on a transaction intention with the upstream,resulting in high priced battery cells and electrode sheet waste not being able to be sold in large quantities.

Faced with price fluctuations in the lithium battery market,the attitude of recycling wet smelting plants will be more clear.Because their downstream is a precursor factory or a positive electrode material factory,the wet process factory is clearly aware that there has been no significant recovery in downstream orders,and demand is not sufficient to support the price increase.Even if there is an upward trend in the price of lithium carbonate,it is still short-term market speculation.Scrap is still purchased on demand,and transactions will only be made if the price meets expectations.If the upstream price is high,then continue to stay on the sidelines.Downstream demand for nickel cobalt lithium salts is poor,and at this time,the risk of inventory backup is high.Looking at all aspects of the recycling market,there is now a clear disconnect in price expectations.It is believed that this round of price fluctuations is not due to the recovery of downstream demand.Even if upstream prices intentionally increase,it is difficult to transmit prices to downstream markets.The market still has a strong wait-and-see sentiment towards waste,and the probability of a significant rebound in prices is low.

At this point,we should view this round of price fluctuations rationally,pay attention to the market supply and demand situation,arrange production plans reasonably,and reduce risks.