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Professional production equipment for carbon products Carbon baking furnace



Carbon baking furnace is a thermal equipment that indirectly heats various carbon products formed under high pressure at a specified baking temperature under air isolation conditions,in order to improve the conductivity and thermal conductivity of the products and increase their strength.The carbon roasting furnace is divided into furnace bottom,side wall,flue wall,transverse wall,furnace top,and flue according to its structure.

There are two types of carbon calciners commonly used domestically and internationally,namely open ring calciners and covered calciners.These two types of roasting furnaces are mainly used for roasting carbon anodes and cathodes for aluminum and for roasting steel electrodes.At present,the carbon anode roasting for aluminum in China adopts an open ring roasting furnace.At present,some advanced roasting furnaces in developed countries internationally can reduce fuel consumption to 1.8GJ/t~1.9GJ/t of heavy oil under very strict requirements for anode raw materials and complete combustion of asphalt.