Anode baking process
Anode baking process

The open anode baking furnace is one of the important equipments in the anode baking process

Carbon baking furnace

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The open type anode baking furnace is one of the most important equipment in the anode baking process. The main function of the open type anode baking furnace is to indirectly heat the formed carbon anode products according to the prescribed baking temperature curve under the condition of air isolation, to improve the mechanical strength, electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance of carbon products.

For a prebaked anode plant, the capital investment of the ring roaster accounts for 50% ~ 60% of the total investment of the whole carbon plant, furthermore, the Advanced Design and technology of roaster have great influence on the production capacity, energy consumption and comprehensive utilization of energy, furnace life and production cost, the structure design, material selection and construction technology are the key technologies in the design of calciner.





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